about us

The doobdude is
a dreamer
a visionary
a melody of life.

Peace, love, and unity calls the tribe.
Roll a spare to share and feel this vibe.

who is the doobdude?

The doobdude and his lifestyle are bursting forth from the chrysalis of oppression! Cannabis is no longer relegated to the basements and back alleys, but is taking center stage as the beautiful natural medicine and unifier that it has always been. Once thick with the smoke of misinformation, we hope to clear the way for integrating the doobdude lifestyle. Through live online gatherings, as well as festival appearances, we look to enliven this community and find commonality. To express the vibe of peace, love & unity

The doobdude is me, you, anyone who believes in and embraces the freedom to use the doob to its highest potential. The doobdude takes everything in stride, pausing for a deep breath before rolling with the flow.  His limber lifestyle makes the most of every situation, while embracing nature’s perfect medicine.

The doobdude seeks out other doo-bee’s who are connected to the peaceful unity of a shared experience. Whether online via live web sesh or at a local festival, the doobdude brings people together.